Wedding Cake Delivery Day

Delivering your cake on your wedding day

Your cake will be lovingly wrapped and boxed, with loose decorations and finishing touches packed separately along with a fixing kit to complete the decoration on-site once the cake is in place.

It will have been discussed beforehand if you want the cake displayed on a stand or if you have any special requests such as allergies I need to be aware of.

Giving you peace of mind on the biggest day of your life

Any finishing, piping, attaching of flowers and sprinklings of glitter are done until your cake is completed and looking fabulous. I take a photo and let the venue know any requests or non-edible parts they might need to be made aware of.

Often you want your evening guests to see the cake and do the cake cutting and first dance around the same time. After this, the venue takes away your cake and cuts it up for everyone to enjoy alongside the evening buffet.

I hope you love your cake as much as I loved making it.